After going through the 2017 bull run and crash, I feel more prepared this time around.  

My fundamental understanding of the space is better, I have a stronger pulse on who the key influencers are, and my internal database of crypto knowledge is deeper and broader.  

What I learned from going through the entire boom and bust cycle was an invaluable experience.  

It takes one cycle to become battle tested and two runs to change your life - hopefully.

During the bear market, one thing remained evident to me - I'm obsessed with the crypto space.  

I took the Bitcoin pill and I liked it.

Like many of you, I couldn't stop thinking about it.  There hasn't been one day where I didn't spend some time either thinking, analyzing, or fantasizing about the future of crypto.  

I've been consumed with trying to stay on the bleeding edge of the most fast-paced industry the world has ever seen.  

The launch of this site marks a breaking point in my life in which I need an outlet for myself and a way for me to document my journey.  

It's mostly selfish and partly ambitious.

And so what better way to kick off the site with a post on my personal investment framework.  This is basically my plan of attack.

Keep in mind things can change very quickly, sizing matters, and know whether or not something should be a short or long term hold is important.

Please do not treat this as financial advice.  Crypto could crash right after I publish this and as with everything else in life, please do your own research.

(Note:  I'll be updating this throughout this bull run as best as I can, so please come back!)

Store of Value

  • BTC - The King


  • ETH - The backbone of everything.
  • DOT - The only true ETH competitor.
  • ATOM - The cosmos is coming together
  • SOL - Sam Coin 1A
  • STX - Building on BTC, SEC compliant, Naval


  • AAVE - DeFi lending blue chip
  • SNX - DeFi synthetics blue chip
  • YFI - DeFi Blue Chip, Dev is a legend (@AndreJCronje)
  • UNI - The Dex that changed everything forever
  • SUSHI - The Pepsi to Uni
  • LUNA - Beast in the east, creeping to the west
  • FTX - Sam Coin 1B
  • SRM - Sam Coin 1C, Decentralized exchange with speed, Dev is a legend (SBF_Alameda)
  • RUNE - Decentralized liquidity, supports narrative of many chains
  • ZRX - 2017 survivor, except bigger, stronger, and better
  • MIRROR - Synthetic US Equities
  • INJ - Decentralized derivatives that feel as fast as centralized

WEB 3.0

  • HNS - Decentralized DNS, perhaps the most important layer of them all
  • GRT - The Google for Blockchain
  • EWT - Energy blockchain leaderHelium - Decentralized wi-fi
  • RAD - Decentralized Github
  • Ocean - Data Marketplace


  • FLOW - The ETH for NFT
  • B20 - Want to own a piece of Beeple, the Banksy of Crypto?
  • TVK - NFT play with Hollywood partnerships.
  • AXS - A game that's actually good and built on ETH.
  • RARI - Market place for NFTs used by Mark Cuban


  • LINK - The oil of crypto.
  • BAND - The only other oracle with some strong traction with top chains
  • API3 - Possible contender for second place

Moon Shots

  • RGT - Bold vision, ambitious young team of mavericks
  • VSP - Built by a BTC OG, strong backing
  • ALCX- Fresh take on DeFI, Andre Endorsed

Again, do not treat this as financial or investment advice.  This is simply my opinion on what cryptocurrencies I'd consider for this run.  There are other solid coins that could be on this list, the market could crash at any point, I'm going to be wrong, and macro factors could impact this list at any time.

Good luck, anon.